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  • Antique reproduction folding farm set sized for small and medium dolls
  • The Londonberries reproduction, and the original toy which inspired ours
  •  Each tiny figure stands on its own and is printed on both sides.
  • Your dolls will have hours of fun with this antique reproduction farm set!

Antique Reproduction Folding Farm in Two Sizes


Product Description

This is a fairly exact replica, in minature, of an antique toy.  The original was quaint and handmade and charming in its simplicity.  It had been made with more love than skill, but had been much played with and enjoyed by its previous owner.  My copy maintains the rough look of the original and is not meant to look like a "store bought" toy.  I loved the idea that somehwere long ago, a father stayed up late, after his daughter had gone to bed, to carefully work on each tiny stable and each little animal figure.  A "perfect" toy would not have told this same story.  And so this is an obviously hand crafted toy, which the right kind of doll will love all the more for it's unpolished bits.  It includes the folding stable box and 10 two-sided farm figures made from cardboard on little wooden bases. 

I've done very few of these, in two sizes.  The small farms are 3" wide and 2 1/4" tall when closed, and open out to 6 1/2" wide.  The larger sets are 4 1/2" wide and 3" tall when closed, and open out to 9" wide.  The doll shown in the photo is not quite 11" tall and she is playing with the smaller set.  She has been very careful not to bend any of the little cardboard animals, so everything will be just right when your doll opens her package.  She wants me to be sure to tell you that even though the barn and the tiny stands for the animals are made from wood, everything smells very slightly of paint and not a forest.  She has spent a good deal of time with the dog and says he's very good and does not bark unless you accidentally step on his tail.  And the cow gives very nice make-believe milk which can be churned into butter or used to make cheese for your bread.  Finally, she is quite attached to the kitten and asks that if you happen to be allergic, please do not throw him away but send him back to her and she'll take good care of him.

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