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  • What could be more cute than miniature Days of the Week towels?
  • Patsyette just loves doing make-believe housework with her tiny kitten friend!
  • After laundry on Monday, Tuesday was spent ironing.
  • Sunday is, of course, a day of rest.
  • The remainder of the week was spent mending, marketing, cleaning, and baking.
  • Your dolls will truly love to play "laundry day" with these charming miniature towels!

Miniature Days of the Week Towel Transfer Set


Product Description

If it's laundry day at your house, tiny embroidered towels are the quintessential accessory.  I got so many questions about these once the photos appeared in Doll News.  I finally decided to make the transfers available to anyone willing to do the teeny tiny embroidery.  The set does NOT include fabric or thread.  What you will receive are seven transfer sheets, one for each day of the week.  These are not your mother's transfer sheets.  They're oh so much better!


The designs for each day of the week, plus cutting and sewing lines to hem the towels, have been printed for you onto a product called "Transfereze".  There's no ironing.  The transfer sticks to the top of the fabric and you stitch right through it.  Once finished, just rinse in room temperaure water and the transfer disolves away.


The result of this project will be the most amazing, tiny, detailed vintage style towels (finished dimensions are 4" x 6 3/8").  I do caution you  -  this isn't easy work.  You absolutely must use magnifiers, and it will require the smallest needle you can find.  But as you can see, the dolls love them and it will definitely be worh the effort!

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